Wednesday, September 29, 2004



Let's have a look at how the candidates shape up on the subjects of IRAQ & DEFENCE.

I believe that the world is a better place without Saddam Hussein and his murderous regime in power. Our ultimate aim is a democratic, free Iraq that can fully defend itself. I will continue to press for investment in our defence forces and I want our forces to be able to withstand any threat to Britain.

Iraq and the world is a better place without Saddam Hussein in power, but Iraq is an unnecessary mess. We want to leave a democracy in Iraq - not a country where barbaric, medieval acts of violence are the norm. The Lesson we should learn is that our armed forces serve our Country, not the whims of the Prime Minister of the day.

While everyone agrees that Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator, the fall-out of the war has been a less stable Iraq & Middle East. Only the Liberal Democrats took an early and principled stance against the war. For those who feel let down by Labour over the war, this by-election is an opportunity to send a message to Tony Blair.

We should not be in Iraq. I would bring the troops home immediately. As MP I would support a strong defence of our country by land, sea and air. I could never accept the loss of sovereignty that would come with the surrender of control of our armed forces to the European Union.

Respect is proud to stand with the millions of British people who oppose the disastrous American-led invasion and occupation of Iraq. We are the only party to demand that the troops be brought home immediately. 66 young soldiers and countless Iraqi people have died to date. We must end this madness now.

English Democrats believe in strong, well-funded armed forces to defend our country. We believe the Iraq war was badly executed and weakly justified. We oppose the Government's plan to hand power over our armed forces to the European Union Defence Force.

Manipulation of oil assets is top of the American and our agenda in Iraq. We turn a blind eye to human rights abuse when it suits us and make billions from arms we sell them to kill each other, it's no wonder they hate us. They use your money to control the oil that makes them rich from the tax, kills innocents and our misled military.

Though millions of us took to the streets to say "Not in our name" with regards to invading Iraq, we have been led into one of the most shameful episodes in our history. Tony Blair has neither defence nor credence. He must be made to go, and quickly. The good people of Hartlepool can speed his departure. It would be wrong to vote Wright in this election.

Of all the spin, lies and deceit of this New Labour government, the untruths told to justify the illegal war with Iraq must be the most obscene. We believe Britain should abandon the aggressive military policies of a bygone imperialist age and divert resources to the welfare of our own people.

What we are doing in Iraq is crucial for the welfare of the people of Iraq, the Middle East and the world. It is a watershed. We need to keep our nerve. I disagree with the prime minister in some other areas but I respect him for his courage and hard work in this operation and for his efforts to build international consensus.

The Green Party opposed the illegal Iraq war from the start and continued opposing the warmongering governments even after the troops went in. The only way terrorism can be reduced is by declaring 'peace' and addressing the grievances and problems that generate it. It will take a long time but that's the way Northern Ireland's problems have been dealt with.

Only use British troops for the defence of Britain and British interests. Retain the regimental system, preserving our established regiments local and historical roots. Britain should retain an independent nuclear deterrent. Our troops must be under the full control of the British government at all times.

The Iraqi people have been freed from a tyrant ruler, responsible for the deaths of millions of people. Ironic then that 300,000 children have lost their father in the family courts since this government came to power. They ignored the people who marched to stop the war. If you are tired of not being listened to, give us the mandate and we will make them listen.

Iraq is for stacking CD's - Defence is for sitting on - we would creosote all defences every month to stop politicians sitting on them.


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